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Dollar General has introduced a DGCustomerFirst Customer Satisfaction Survey to collect feedback from its customers. Internal surveys are carried out monthly to analyze their services. Customers can also take the customer satisfaction survey to win gift cards, cash rewards, etc.

These types of surveys are advantageous for the company and customers to a good extent. Sometimes customers are not satisfied with the service and you may not know it. While this survey shows that the customer can easily share their point of view directly with the organization, the organization takes their words seriously to improve its services.

DGCustomerFirst Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I take the DGCustomerFirst Survey?

This survey can be answered at the website address

How do I reach out to DGCustomerFirst by phone?

Just dial the number (615) 855-4000 and speak to our customer service by phone.

How is the survey conducted?

You can shop at Dollar General, register your receipt, register, and complete the survey by following the instructions listed in our article at

What are the DGCustomerFirst Survey rewards?

The survey rewards change, but in the past, completing the survey rewarded users with a $ 3 for $ 15 gift card, in addition to entering sweepstakes to claim a gift card. Check current rules for current prices.

Are there any rules and regulations for DGCustomerFirst Survey?

Yes, you must be 18 years old to take the survey and you can only participate once per week. See your receipt and full official rules for details and restrictions.

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