The Sweepstakes

DGCustomerFirst (Dollar General) always works hard to meet all customer needs and expectations, be it quality for products or service. To understand the customer’s perspective on the company’s products and services, it has launched an online customer survey website at Dollar General genuinely thinks about the customers and DGCustomerFirst Survey gives us a clear idea of the same.

DGCustomerFirst Survey Rewards

Random draws are created by the management team who selects 10 entries received during the registration period.

Each winner will be offered a $ 100 gift card that can be purchased at any store.

There will be 400 prizes of $ 100 awarded during the sweepstakes, 10 for each period.

In other cases, the company may give each respondent a coupon code that can be effectively used for the next purchase at one of the stores. Print the discount code or note it on the receipt and use it to get a refund the next time you visit the Dollar General stores.

The list of contest winners can be found at the URL address

For the best chance of becoming one of the winners, you can register every week or several times a month and complete the survey online!

What If I Win DGCustomerFirst?

According to the rules of the sweepstakes, winners will be notified by phone or email and must provide an address within 3 days of notification. You can expect your gift card to be sent to the address provided in the next 6 to 8 weeks. The survey rewards are not transferable in any scenario.

Dollar General is a leading name in the US supermarket and restaurant chain. The primary business structure is to have fun and to have everyday products for sale for less than a dollar. The company has earned a high reputation because of the quality of services and the products offered at its premises.